Workshop on Demiryolu Street in the form of investments in 1984, Sabrina began with the establishment of Öztürk Textile SATEKS to expand the volume of investment and production in order to improve the quality of today's Demirta┼č Organize Sanayi has continued to work in the factory set up .

SATEKS group among the activities people would like products to better the lives exploring , we have chosen a reliable raw materials with environmentally advanced technology and hierarchical conditions to ensure mission , obtain all employees with production without compromising continues ..

In 1992, 2 Generation per job arrival ( Mustafa Öztürk ) , and in 1998 his younger brother ─░brahim Öztürk in the United States charged to complete after the family business? Brother sister managing the Board of Directors at the beginning of their father than with a strong and dynamic team of service and continues to invest .

Monthly 400 tons of production capacity , the annual 4,800 tons of production with Polyester, Cotton, Viscose, Nylon , Coil and Mufti paint on their services continued SATEKS investments in domestic market sales and to outsource , Abroad, the one exported to many countries by Turkish Economy in the development of support and Textiles the company has become one of the sought after industry . England, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong and operate an export to countries like Bulgaria .



Developing world vary the types of yarn dyeing becoming more innovative and dynamic way to get together with our work.



By using environmentally-friendly chemicals that we are dating is to help the flow of manufacturing firms. Our company has been entrusted to the thread showing the utmost care to ensure the beer is delivered before.



Human rights and universal values ??of respect for ethical values ??to carry on environmental issues. Reason and science-based management model that encourages innovative thinking constantly to exhibit.


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